Our Philosophy

We like to keep it simple:

  • we read all submissions,

  • our deals sometimes come with advances, and

  • our royalty rates are above industry average.

Submission Process

Wasting an author's time is not how we roll. 


Send us a one-page pitch. Make sure it clearly describes your book, including the most significant matters it contains. Don't forget to pop in a few lines about yourself. 


We will review your one-page submission and respond to you - guaranteed. If we like your pitch, we will ask to see some more, typically three chapters. We will also meet informally via Teams or Zoom. 


We will aim to respond to your full pitch within two weeks. When we do, we will either politely decline (with feedback) or make you an offer. Our offers can sometimes include advances and always involve above-average royalty rates.


We celebrate!

And we get excited about your new book.