How To Make a Million Dollars in the Sports Industry

By Norman Leach

The global sports industry is worth more than a trillion dollars a year. And while it’s easy to be taken in by the glamour of sports stars, the real money to be made is behind the scenes: the kin makers and custodians of sporting prominence. The owners, tycoons and agents.

How to Make a Million Dollars in the Sports Business provides those looking to succeed in the sports industry a comprehensive overview, including how to:
• Become a Sports Agent
• Run a sports business
• Manage teams on and off the field
• Claim your stake in a trillion-dollar industry

Full of insider knowledge and gossip, Norman Leach provides anybody dreaming of a lucrative career behind the scenes in sport with EVERYTHING they need to know to succeed. Now ... "Show me the money!"


ISBN: 978-1-7397109-0-3

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  • Business 
  • Strategy
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Wise Up: Power, Wisdom, and the Older Woman

By Barbara Scully

Wise Up to the power ...
Wise Up to the wisdom …
Wise Up to life after menopause!
Barbara Scully offers her take on life after the big ‘M’.
Told with searing honesty, this memoir-come-self-help guide is laced with social history and the occasional rant to deliver a read that is humorous and essential. It offers younger women a guide to navigating the hurdles of adulting, and older women the opportunity to measure those two things all women of a certain age possess: power and wisdom.
It’s time to dream big, just like you did when you were a teenager. OUT NOW.
ISBN: 978-1-7397109-0-3
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