Editorial Services

Zsa Zsa Publishing provides editorial services. Prices are based on an 80,000-word manuscript and are inclusive of VAT.*

Read thru and edit with feedback

A professional editor will read your book and provide a line by line edit, with comments.


Read thru, edit and subsequent final proofread

A professional editor will read, line edit, provide a marked-up edited manuscript and proofread the author's amended manuscript once changes have been applied.


Read thru, edit, subsequent proofread, and typeset.

A read thru, full line edit with comments and proofreading of the final manuscript, followed by typesetting ready for publication. The author will receive ePub and PDF files ready for publication.


*An assumption is made that all manuscripts submitted for editing will be of a good standard. Zsa Zsa Publishing reserves the right to decline submissions prior to the commencement of any work. Authors will not pay any fees for work deemed unsuitable for our editorial services.